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Farmers Daughter has country roots and a gourmet heart.

There has been much controversy with low quality and in some cases fake olive oil coming from Europe. Not only can the oil be very old, it causes unnecessary pollution from the thousands of miles of transportation. Our California grown olive oil is always fresh and produced locally. Bottled by hand and brought straight to the farmers markets and on our online store. From olive grove to your home, we handle each bottle with love and care.



Our Story


Welcome to the Farmers Daughter Honey & Olive Oil Company. We specialize in organic, premium, Californian grown extra virgin olive oil. The oil is cold pressed extra virgin. We have bee boxes all over our region at various farms and collect and bottle each jar right in our bottling barn. The different bee boxes are placed in fields like orange groves, cherry fields, avocado fields, and so many more to give you the wide array of honey choices we sell to customers at the farmers markets. 

We sell balsamic vinegar that is imported from Modena, Italy. It is aged 18 years in oak barrels, which leads to an organic reduction for the thick, sweet delicious 25 star balsamic vinegar.

We are proud to be part of the local Farmer's Market movement in California. By selling directly to customers from our farm, we are able to provide a very high quality oil at an affordable price. We practice local, organic & sustainable farming to bring the freshest oil directly to the market. No heat or chemicals are used in any of our products.

Please explore our premium olive oil, honey, and Aged Balsamic vinegars. We look forward to sharing our love of farming and bringing high quality foods right to your table. From our passionate hearts to yours, we thank you for supporting our homegrown company and being a part of our Honey & Olive Oil journey.


-Janet Henninger

Founder and  Owner of Farmers Daughter



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